Deckrüde Skip
Beschreibung Skip
Der A-Wurf ist für Herbst/Winter 2017 geplant
Huels´ Hunters Ileni
* 04.08.2013

Huels´ Hunters Elster Wilma
Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver
Garicmoor Grenadier of Ettinsmoor (Skip)
* 10.08.2010

Bedgebrook Excalibur
Neptown Teasel
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Skip, Deckrüde A-Wurf
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Skip ist taugl. f. jagdl. Leistungszucht

Jill Parsons über Skip:
Field Trial Winner Garicmoor Grenadier of Ettinsmoor (Skip) is my dream dog. He is fast and stylish and loves to work for me. We are a team. His enthusiasm to retrieve is boundless and his ability to take a straight line a joy to witness. He will face cover, hunt hard, swim, and jump whatever is between him and the retrieve.

His Field Trial win at The Yellow Labrador Club Novice Field Trial at Nevill Holt in October 2013 was the culmination of all our hard work training with some of the top trainers in the UK during 2013. In 2016 Skip won the Guildford Gundog Club All Aged Trial at Cuffley, a week later achieved a COM at East Anglian Labrador Retriever Clubs All Aged Trial again At Cuffley, and a week after that achieved a 3rd at the Yellow Labrador Clubs All Aged Trial at Nevill Holt.

Skip went to Crufts in March 2017 and came 2nd in the Field Trial Dog Class in the main Labrador ring and achieved a COM in the Gamekeepers Ring.

Skip also has a super temperament and always tries his best to please. He lives in the house with my other seven dogs and bitches.
Mein Eindruck:
Bei unserem Besuch in England konnten wir uns persönlich ein Bild von Skip machen. Er ist ein fröhlicher aufgeschlossener Rüde, der gerne mit Menschen agiert und sich sehr arbeitsfreudig zeigt.

Beurteilung Skip Crufts 2017
2nd Field Trial Dog Class at Crufts 2017:
Judges critique: Dark yellow with calm obedient temperament well laid shoulder, good length of leg, neat feet. Moved straight and with drive.

Gesundheitsergebnisse Skip
KataraktFrei 15.07.17
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Beschreibung Skip
Skip is an outstanding, fast, hard hunting fox red labrador dog who is a Field Trial Winner. He is an excitiing dog to work giving his all on every retrieve and has eye wiped several FTCH's during his trialling career. He also picks up on the shoot throughout the season. He has a super temperament and lives in the house with other six labradors.